"Kurt Cobain knew the truth: “This is off our first record. Most people don’t own it.” Applause.

It was late autumn in 1993 and Nirvana had just settled down in front of MTV cameras to begin rolling one legendary live take most know simply as Unplugged. The song they were about to claw into was “About a Girl,” a pop number originally tucked away in a cauldron of sludge and growl named Bleach, Nirvana’s first and rawest-by-a-mile studio album from 1989. It wasn’t just a debut record most people didn’t own, it was a record nearly unknown to almost everyone.

Mostly because of the web, but starting with the four chords that kicked off “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” the game has changed entirely since Bleach’s birth. By the time a release is scheduled to rest on a record store shelf, it’s already been out for weeks if not months. Records can’t sneak up on us anymore. Nevermind’s hefty legacy is clear: triggered an altrock revolution, cemented Seattle’s place on the cultural map, changed popular music forever and  this list could get long.” – David Bevan

For more, see Fader mag, issue 64. 

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