Being so far from home has made me a bit off; with no one to hitch my wagon to I develop stronger affinities and  greater self-doubt. A bad combination for such an opinionated person.

Thankfully the kids help me keep it together; I guess Blink 182 really had something there. Noah is a creature for the books. What a special person to meet in such an already bazaar life.

Noah is about as tall as me, almost chubby and at 14, he’s reached an advanced stage of autism.

Yesterday he told me he had a dream about me (“I hate to tell you this but. . . “). That’s usually a good start.

I was not the only leading lady; I shared the spotlight with Iman and Laylah from grade 7, Miss Seren our English fleur-de-literature, and the head of the Primary Department, a Rwandese mademoiselle, Miss Pacifique (I won’t tell Mr. Eric, her frencher half).

There was lipstick. And a high-speed chase (Obviously. Haven’t you ever seen Transporter?). . . Culminating in a lipstick standoff on the football pitch. Last thing he remembers I was coming at his face with a stick of Rouge–

“I would never do that, Noah.”

“You seem scared Miss Jody”- Noah’s favourite way of acknowledging an awkward moment.

Today he emailed me, “Mrs. Jody, I would love to lead you on your final quest for Freedom in this life…”

Human nature is a funny one.


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